About Us

EKAR FURNITURE is a furniture group company with a history of more than 20 years. The company has strong production capacity and a professional R&D and design team, and has won the recognition and love of more and more customers in export trade. The company has been committed to providing one-stop furniture services from design, R&D, production to sales. Its business covers civil furniture, hotel furniture, office furniture, etc. It owns luxury furniture brands such as ARISTO PARTY, WINNER CASA, WINNER SPACE, etc., to meet the customized needs of different customers and different decoration styles.

The brand concept of EKAR FURNITURE is to always adhere to innovative design concepts, produce high-quality furniture, tailor-make high-quality life for customers, and continuously introduce advanced manufacturing equipment and technology, cooperate with world-renowned design companies to develop products, and absorb advanced technologies at home and abroad, and strive to let the "craftsman spirit" be passed on in contemporary furniture manufacturing. EKAR FURNITURE has successfully obtained registered trademarks in Hong Kong, the United States and other places.


In the course of its growth, EKAR FURNITURE has established a strict supervision and inspection system, laying a solid foundation for the high quality of its products. EKAR FURNITURE also has four factory branches and seven product lines, and the furniture it produces covers neoclassical furniture, modern minimalist furniture, outdoor furniture, office furniture, hotel furniture, etc. With high-quality furniture manufacturing and modern design concepts, EKAR FURNITURE has four showrooms with a total area of ​​more than 10,000 square meters to display furniture products to customers and meet the customized needs of different customers.




EKAR FURNITURE will continue to provide high-quality services and launch higher-quality products in the future, and look forward to the opportunity to cooperate and create an ideal living space together.

Ekar furniture-furniture factory china, china furniture manufactureris based on our unwavering commitment towards producing not only sumptuous but painstakingly designed furniture that reflects designer's unique visions. Our furniture manufacturing methods combine conventional techniques with latest technology from Germany using the most advanced equipment and technologies! This fusion guarantees our products' high quality!custom furniture manufacturer china for Ekar furniture


In terms of export trade, EKARA FURNITURE has become a Chinese trustworthy furniture factory china and brand whose extensive recognition and trust have won it an ever increasing customer base. Such trust signifies not only the quality of our furniture but also our ability to understand as well as meet diverse needs of international customers. Our expertise in custom furniture manufacturer china enables us to offer personalized solutions tailored to specific tastes and requirements of customers thus making EKARA FURNITURE the choice for excellence seekers. At the same time, we are recruiting traders worldwide. Please feel free to contact us if there are any interested clients.


As a leading manufacturer of sustainable furnishings in China, EKARA FURNITURE focuses on sustainability and environmental stewardship. We carefully select both the highest quality materials and those which are eco-friendly, as well as materials that match with each piece of furniture's character so that we can reduce our impact on earth through our production processes. This commitment extends across all aspects of our operation from design to delivery reflecting our promise to manufacture luxury furnishings in a more sustainable and responsible manner.


In conclusion, EKARA FURNITURE'S obsession with quality, luxury and innovation together with its commitment towards sustainability and customer satisfaction make it a leader within the furniture manufacturing industry. Looking into the future, EKARA FURNITURE remains committed to stretching boundaries of designs and crafts by delivering great furnitures for their clients space improvements.